‘My Website Doesn’t Convert’ – 6 Reasons why your website isn’t winning business.

If you have an online business or storefront, increasing conversions is one of the main goals of your website. But what if you find yourself Googling, “my website doesn’t convert”?

This is a legitimate question for business owners, and the answer can make or break your website.

If you’re looking for an answer as to why your website isn’t converting, or if you want to know how you can increase your website conversions, you’ve come to the right place.

On this page, we’ll talk about six of the most common reasons for low conversions on your website and how you can increase website conversions to achieve (and maybe even beat) the industry’s average conversion rate.

Why isn’t my website converting?

Whether you’ve had a website for years or you’ve just had one built, a lack of conversions is frustrating in any situation — after all, conversions are the lifeblood of your business.

Let’s talk about why your website isn’t converting in two different situations:

I’ve just built my website, and it’s not converting….’

If you’re just starting out with a new website, you’ll be happy to know that new sites likely won’t convert at first, and there’s one big reason why.

In order for your site to convert, it has to rank highly in Google search results — and in order for your site to rank (at all) in Google search results, there are a few things your site has to possess. The list includes lots of great content, accurate keyword targeting, valuable backlinks, and most importantly, time.

Your site won’t rank right away, which means you likely won’t see an uptick in conversions right away — and there’s nothing you can really do to accelerate the process.

However, there is something you can do to ensure that your website is on its way to ranking in Google and converting. The first thing on your list of to-dos to ensure that your website ranks as soon as possible is to implement a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign.

We’ll talk more about SEO in the next section.

THE FIX: Hire a professional SEO agency to get a custom SEO package and strategy that drives your conversion rates up. Or Hire a UX/UI specialist to see whats going wrong with your visitor user journey.

I’ve had my website for a while, and it’s just not converting

If you’ve had your website for a while and it’s not converting, it’s a little more complicated than if you’re just starting out with a new website.

If you’ve built a site over a year ago, and it’s still not driving conversions, there are a few potential reasons for the holdup.

1. You aren’t utilising SEO

Let’s first mention SEO and its important role in site rankings. First and foremost, if you create a website and expect it to rank without implementing an SEO campaign, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever rank.

SEO is the process of improving your website so that it has the ability to rank among the best-of-the-best in search results, and without it, your website is nothing more than a point on a map with no instructions to get there.

SEO strategies typically include the following:

THE FIX: Implement an SEO campaign pronto. ????

Let’s say that you do have an SEO campaign implemented though, and your site still isn’t converting. It’s time to talk about a few more potential culprits.

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2. You don’t have any CTAs

Calls to action (CTAs), are elements on your site pages that encourage users to take the next step in the buyer’s journey. Depending on your industry, a CTA could be a contact form, an email sign up, or a “Let’s Talk!” button.

No matter what style of CTA your industry requires, you should be sure to have an abundance of them on your website. If not, users may not be able to find a clear path to convert, which is a real issue when conversions are just the thing you’re trying to drive.

Not only are CTAs important, but so is the purchasing process.

THE FIX: Implement a number of CTAs on your site, but don’t provide so many that you overwhelm site visitors.

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3. You don’t have an intuitive cart feature (If you have an e-commerce aspect)

If you do a great job with CTAs, and guiding users toward more shopping options (if you run an e-commerce shop), you need to be sure that the purchasing process is easy.

Do you make it simple for users to add something to their cart and check out intuitively? If not, you may want to rethink the way that could be affecting your conversions.

THE FIX: Work with a web developer to create a shopping cart that’s intuitive to users.

4. You give users too many choices

Another reason your website might not be converting is that there are simply too many choices on your site pages. If you want users to convert, the focal point of your pages should be a CTA that entices users to do just that.

When you provide users with too many options, buttons, and menus, they could experience what’s called analysis paralysis. This means users are so overwhelmed, that they become paralysed and don’t make any choices at all — which is the worst-case scenario for a page that is meant to drive sales.

THE FIX: Skim through all of your website pages and ensure that you have one clear call to action. More than one is okay, but more than a few on a page can be too overwhelming.

5. You don’t show the value of your products

Before users purchase a product or service, they want to be sure that it provides value to them. To make the decision process simple and easy for potential customers, provide them with the value of your product right off the bat.

For example, if you’re trying to sell a blanket, talk about the value of that blanket. It dries quickly, is soft, is bigger than most blankets, and can keep you warm in negative temperatures. Without providing that value to customers, they’re far less likely to purchase the product.

THE FIX: Talk about unique selling points of your products. What makes them unique? What makes your version the best-of-the-best?

6. You don’t have a mobile-friendly website

Over half of the world’s website traffic is generated through mobile phones, 52 percent to be exact, which means if you’re looking for conversions, you must ensure that your website provides a seamless mobile experience.

Ensuring that your website is mobile friendly means that you take the time to make site elements like images, menus, and forms responsive so that users get the same experience on their tiny smartphone as they would on a desktop computer.

This is especially important for ecommerce sites since users have to input their credit card information, shipping information, and more. To do this comfortably, it’s crucial that you provide a mobile-friendly website to aid in the purchasing process.

THE FIX: Work with a website designer to ensure that your website is mobile responsive.

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