Bizarre Programming Languages, Vol. 1

(Disclaimer: analogies will be used so bare with me) Some people say learning to program is hard, tedious and excruciating. It’s like learning a new language, just to talk to a machine which needs to be told in very specific commands what to do and execute. For some reason, a group of people seem to think that … Read more

5 Reasons Why Landing Pages Are a Must-Have Element of Any Marketing Strategy

Create a strong starting point for potential conversion. I have designed, published, and tested thousands of landing pages through my years in marketing and web design. All this time, work, and effort resulted in discovering the main reasons why you should have landing pages for your business’s site. If you aren’t using landing pages, now is a good time … Read more

Why A Fluid UX Design Is Essential To Your Website Prosperity

Short for user experience, UX design is all about ensuring that your website visitors have a pleasant, intuitive, and smooth interaction with your website. You’re ready to rebuild or update your company’s website, and maybe you have some design ideas or you’ve seen some features you want to incorporate. Before you do anything, it’s important … Read more

Bespoke vs templated websites: Pros and cons.

For the past 3 years, we have consistently positioned clients as standout leaders in their industries, whilst giving their marketing teams the flexibility to take the business to the next level. We believe this cannot be done by looking the same as everyone else, with rigid websites made from ‘off the shelf’ templates that don’t … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design

First, the do’s A well-designed website is a valuable investment that will generate revenue for your business—but 68% of people say they won’t explore a site if they find it unattractive. If your website hasn’t been updated in a while, your web design could unintentionally be hurting your business by turning people away at the door. If … Read more

New Year, New Website

Every year we make resolutions, perhaps to join the gym, visit a new country, or learn a new language… but what about resolutions for our business?  Once we’ve eaten our body weight in roast potatoes and Toblerone’s, many of us – business owners included – start to think about our goals and ambitions for the … Read more

The Weird Pre-Christmas Run-up Is A Great Opportunity To Evaluate The Power Of Your Digital Presence.

Just as some businesses explode from November to New Year’s as consumers purchase gifts and other holiday items, other businesses slow down, particularly in the B2B space as offices empty out. Holidays can have great effect on whether business is slow, so it’s important to measure business performance during these times vs. similar time periods … Read more

6 ‘Must Haves’ For Your Recruitment Website In 2022

After the past 18 months of economic uncertainty, it seems an odd time for unemployment rates to fall to record lows. Nevertheless, we have witnessed a significant downward shift in the availability of candidates since mid-July, with the number of job seekers applying for roles appearing to decrease almost daily. There was an estimated 953,000 vacancies … Read more


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