The Reasons Why Your Site Is Actually Preventing Sales

There is no shortage of articles on the internet that will tell you how to drive traffic to your website. You can invest in online advertising, search engine optimisation, influencer marketing, brand building, or one of the other hundreds of traffic generation strategies out there. Getting traffic isn’t the end-all to digital marketing, though. You still need … Read more

Why Your Website Is Slow and How to Fix It

Website speed optimisation starts way before you have an actual website. In 2021, site speed optimisation is a must if you want to build a successful online business. The reason is that site speed affects search engine optimisation (SEO), user experience, bounce rates, and, most importantly, conversion rates. However, a recent study suggests that the average time it takes to fully … Read more

5 Tricks From the Social Media Playbook That Will Make Your Website Stand Out

Your digital strategy should inspire engagement and action. The purpose of any website comes down to two factors: engaging a person and getting that person to take action. You must create sufficient interest with visitors for them to stay on your page. Failure to engage and get users to take action renders your website purposeless. … Read more

Google To Mark Websites Without SSL As Not Secure

Securing your website by purchasing and installing an SSL certificate in your hosting server is a great way to secure your website. SSL helps secure your site by encrypting all your visitor’s data. This means nobody can listen to conversations, track activities or steal information.  Any page that contains a login or has a contact form needs to … Read more

10 Engagement Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Whether you have a website, application, or piece of online media, you need to see if visitors are engaged with your digital brand. This article outlines 10 engagement metrics you should be tracking. If you’re looking for a starting point for developing engagement metrics, then this list is for you. (First, you need a Google Analytics account. … Read more


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