Should I Publish My content On LinkedIn? Or My Own Website?

“Should I publish my content on LinkedIn? Or on my own website?”

This is a common question we receive from our clients.

While the question may seem like a simple black and white, there is actually some nuance in the answer. LinkedIn is a pivotal part of your thought leadership strategy and it is important that you use it properly.

In this post, we will answer how we think about where to publish your content and how to handle LinkedIn.

The Short Answer: Publish on your site, promote on LinkedIn

If you are going to go through the effort of creating original content, then you should publish that original content on your own website. You should then promote that content via LinkedIn. There are several reasons behind this.

1. LinkedIn is not pushing their “Articles” feature anymore

Roughly 2-3 years ago LinkedIn was heavily pushing its Pulse feature, which was essentially a news feed of articles that people were publishing to their LinkedIn profiles.

Back then, it was worthwhile to publish your LinkedIn content through their Articles feature because the platform pushed a lot of traffic to articles. When you published articles, many of your connections were even notified with an alert that you had published.

This was great for a short period of time, but it didn’t last. Over time they moved away from Pulse in favor of a news feed that looks much more like Facebook. As a result, articles see much less traffic because they’re hidden in the interface.

Today, an article will often receive 1/10th the traffic that a social post in your LinkedIn news feed will.

2. You do not own LinkedIn

The second reason you want to publish on your website first is that you do not own LinkedIn. At any moment, LinkedIn could kill their article feature and delete all of your content. While it’s unlikely, it’s possible.

When you publish content on your own website, you have control over the content and it is kept safe within your own website.

3. LinkedIn is a distracting place to read articles

If you do publish your articles on LinkedIn, you have to also realise that LinkedIn is a horrible place to read long form content. While someone is on the interface, you run the risk of them receiving a message, seeing a new notification, or being distracted by a side bar advertisement or feature.

LinkedIn’s platform is meant to hook people in and keep them engaged, so if you sit on the website for too long, something will happen. That is why it’s a horrible place to try and get people to read your long form content.

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Why you should publish articles on your own website

When you publish articles on your own website you will see many advantages.

1. You own your content and know it will be there for years to come
2. Less distractions when someone is consuming your content
3. You can optimise content for email opt-ins or free consultations
4. You control the branding and design of the content.
5. You can use re-targeting to run brand awareness advertisements to your market after reading.
6. You build SEO authority and credibility on your website, which is a long term asset.

These are just a few of the many reasons publishing content on your own website is the ideal way to go.

How to effectively promote content on LinkedIn

When you think about publishing content on LinkedIn, consider this…

“LinkedIn is a place to repurpose and promote content.”

For most people, LinkedIn is not an ideal place for completely original content. While there are some social influencers out there who are creating catchy social posts every day, that is unsustainable for your average business.

That’s because your average LinkedIn post has a life span of roughly 24-48 hours. Which means that each LinkedIn post you create will live and die within 2 days.

Can you keep up a pace of creating engaging and original content every 2 days? Most businesses have many other priorities at the top of their list.

That is why we operate on the philosophy that LinkedIn is a place to repurpose and promote content. It is not a place to put all of your new original ideas. Instead, you want to focus on taking your new ideas and turning those into articles or podcasts that live on your primary website.

Once you have those articles or podcasts, you repurpose them into LinkedIn social posts that drive awareness of your brand and traffic back to your original articles.

Publish on your website, promote on LinkedIn

Our goal with this post was to educate you on how to think about handling your content across your own website and LinkedIn. In summary:

  • Publish original content and ideas to your own website. You own this.
  • Repurpose and promote content via LinkedIn as news feed snippets.
  • Post your top 1-3 articles as LinkedIn Articles.

That is the key to gaining the most traction and value with your content.

Now, the next step is to start creating content.

Reach out to Rocket for help. We support our clients with Rocket fuelled original content creation.


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